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On 2006-02-22 at 22:10:20 [+0100], garry <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I am importing a large data set via Zope into a Postgres database. Data
items may or may not exist so I am using the optional argument in the
zsql methods. What I want is that if the data is missing the database
inserts default values.

if type="string", the absent data item is rendered as ''

if type="nb", the absent data item is rendered as 'Null'

In either case this does not allow default values to be inserted. I can
insert the defaults by doing this:
<dtml-if surnamefirst>
 <dtml-sqlvar  surnamefirst   type="string"> ,

With 20 or so inserts in one query this gets messy and could be slow? if
this method has to be called many times on one import cycle.
My question is therefore is there a cleaner way of doing this or am I on
the right track?

If you really are doing a simple import then you might be better of doing this in a straight script which will allow you to extend your "head" and params dynamically depending on what you are inserting.

Here's a skeleton script

db = db.connect()
c = db.cursor()
sql_head = "INSERT (%s) INTO %s "
paras = ['name', 'address', 'etc']
sql_tail = "VALUES (%s)"
sql_paras = ",". join(['%s'] * len(paras))

c.execute(sql_head % (paras) + sql_tail % sql_paras, values_you_want_to_insert)

Otherwise you might want to look at something like SimpleTemplates as replacement for ZSQL Methods as I agree too many <dtml-if s> can make a man go mad. There is the possibility of using the <dmtl-group> stuff but I find this worse than a bundle of ifs.

Thanks, this gives me an idea of how to proceed. I am transforming an xml file into a python script, so I may as well do the whole thing in python rather than using zsql.
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