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> the fact is that I should have also the first 500 characters of the news (an
> abstract to put in the home page with a link of the entirely news)
> I tryed with:
>                         <span tal:replace="python:test(obj.Dcoument,
> obj.Dcoument, obj.getId)"> Extended Calendar Product </span>
>                         <span tal:replace="python:test(obj.Text,
> obj.Text, obj.getId)"> Extended Calendar Product </span>
>                         <span tal:replace="python:test(obj.Content,
> obj.Content, obj.getId)"> Extended Calendar Product </span>
>                         <span tal:replace="python:test(obj.Body,
> obj.Body, obj.getId)"> Extended Calendar Product </span>
> but I cannot show out the content... I have looked on references, on google
> and on zope 'doc' tab but nothing at all...

Please redirect your question to the Plone list. This list is for questions 
about Zope and relational databases and the ZODB.

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