Matthew Fairclough wrote:
What is the exact error? Please show us the complete traceback from
the error.log and the complete ZSQL-Method, please.

Many thanks.  Full query is:

select * from category  where <dtml-sqltest clientAssocList
column="clientID" type=int multiple>

Arguments in ZSQL method are: clientID=0 qID=0 clientAssocList=0

Entry in test page is: ClientAssocList: 4,5,6 (all others at default)

Ah, you do this from the test-tab of the ZSQL-Method? This is bad, because every input there is treated as a string (especially if there are "," in it) Just write a simple Python-script in the same folder to test the ZSQL-Method:

# See if the query is rendered correct:
print context.yourZSQLMethodName(clientAssocList=[4,5,6],src__=1)
print context.yourZSQLMethodName(clientAssocList=[4,5,6]).dictionaries()
return printed

Result is: -- Error, exceptions.ValueError: Invalid integer value for
clientAssocList --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
 SQL used:

Could not render the query template! --

Does the same thing regardless of input if more than one integer.  I
need ClientAssocList to be a list of integers.  I don't think it is
an SQL or MySQL issue- but an issue with the ZSQL Method.

Assistance much appreciated.


-- Matthew Fairclough


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