On 4/6/06, Charlie Clark <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> This still should not be causing this problem. Jamie, you should be talking
> to the DBA or looking at the DB side of things.

Well it is a volunteer operation, so we don't specifically have a dba,
but will talk with the person who set up the db.

> Is the DB running on the
> same machine as Zope or on the network?


> What are connection times set to?

Do you mean the connection timeout time?

> It might simply be that MySQL is running out of connections although this
> usually means that the whole machine runs slow.

We upped the # of connections and I have seen 51 connections open at
one time.  Not sure the rate at which people are accessing the form
and submitting it, but I believe it may be 25-50 a day.

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