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Hello people,

I'm going to ask a simple question, I took a look at the list  archives
and didn't find any clear answer to this.

On the page at http://www.zope.org/Products/DA/ZODBCDA/

I see a software for connecting Zope to MySql on win32 platforms but  I
see the latest release has been in 2001 !

Is ZODBCDA actually working , now ?

I also took a look at this: http://www.pastrytech.com/willy/
and it really scares me a bit. That make seem connecting to mysql is  not
to be supposed easy.

Is there any alternative to get Zope connected to MySql on Windows
machines ?

Look at mxODBC from Egenix. The mysql-python binding are also pretty much recent afaik. Also there is ZMySQLDA...you just have to look more carefully.


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