Greetings. I have a question regarding Z SQL Methods and their connector.
I need to be able to change their connector dynamically, using a python script, which will select the connector depending on the parameters passed to the script. I'll give you an example:

Suppose I have three connectors, each one of them pointing to different databases (they all have the same tables and fields).
I also have one Z SQL Method that does "Select * from table". When I create such method, I provide a connector using the dropdown list (that'll be the connector by default).
I need to create a script, called, which receives an integer parameter (n). If n equals 1, the first connector will be chosen for the Z SQL Method; if n equals 2, the second one will be chosen, and so on...

I've tried accesing the connection_id property from the Z SQL Method. I can read it to a variable doing the following:

    conn = context.zSQLMethod.connection_id

That way, I'll have a variable conn containing the connector id. What I need to do is change that connector. If I code

    context.zSQLMethod.connection_id = <inserts name of new connector here>

I get a TypeError: attribute-less object (assign or del).

Please, give me a hand, and tell me a way to modify that property from a script.

Thank you very much in advance.
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