Hi All,
Hi Dieter,

Thank u for ur reply.

I restarted zope somany times but there is no affect.

I add python script to my project and make some changes
But those changes are not working.
Even if Comment some of those functions,they are working.
 I cleared cache using zope control panel.

Tell me is there any thing else to make it work my project
Its very urgent

Thanks and Regards

> [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote at 2006-7-5 18:56 +0530:
>>i am developing a project using Zope 2.7.6-final, python 2.3.5 on debian
>>Wheneever i make changes in python script or any thing regarding project.
>>it is not get effected.
> Are you sure, your Zope is running in "debug mode"?
> Otherwise, a restart is necessary that Zope sees a change.
> --
> Dieter

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