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Dear list members,
 I am a Python programmer but not familiar with ZOPE.
I am building a website with a MYSQL database of text documents (several thousand). I need to construct a feature similar to a "find in files" of a text editor. I.e. the user will enter a text string in a form on the client-side and be passed back a results page from the server giving all the lines in the files in the Mysql database that contain that string. When he clicks on a line in the results page it will cause the file containing that line to be downloaded.
 Are there features in ZOPE that do any of this kind of functionality.

You can always use the ZODB to store the files and use the ZCatalog and to be honest that might be your best option. Otherwise you will need to use the MySQL full-text search system which is built-in. I don't think it is as customisable as ZCatalog but may suffice.


Charlie Clark

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