Hello List,

I looked at the SQLStorage package that is part of Archtypes, but found out 
that Archetypes objects stored through SQLStorage still have a presence in the 
ZODB, which means it's not a solution if you totally want to get rid of Data.fs 
bloat. (It is also the policy and requirement in our company to have everything 
in outsourced in the MySQLDB and I can't change this)

I am looking for a way of using the Archetype Content Object only as the View 
(presentation layer) for easy rendering of the forms and mapping them directly 
to a relational database without any interference of the ZODB.

Is it possible to modify an Archetype that it looks up the content items 
completly in the relational database and not first in the zope DB (that maps to 
the rel. database like in SQLStorage)?
I don't see a reason why one should store the same object 2 times in the ZODB 
and MySQL.

Any help and hint will be appreciated, Thank you very much!

Regards, Dennis
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