python 2.3.5
Zope 2.8.4-final
appropriate python extensions for windows

When I create 1 zope instance and 1 zeo instance, start the zeo and then start the zope instance I see this in my logs.  Note this is the first start of the fresh installs.  Does anyone have any suggestions as to the cause?

2006-10-18T14:49:48 INFO ZEO.runzeo (4800) removed PID file 'c:\zope\zeo\var\'
2006-10-18T14:51:56 INFO ZEO.runzeo (5576) created PID file 'c:\zope\zeo\var\'
2006-10-18T14:51:56 INFO ZEO.runzeo (5576) opening storage '1' using FileStorage
2006-10-18T14:51:56 WARNING ZODB.FileStorage Ignoring index for c:\zope\zeo/var/Data.fs
2006-10-18T14:51:57 WARNING Z2 Can not install signal handlers.  Please install (or upgrade) your pywin32 installation (
2006-10-18T14:51:57 INFO ZEO.StorageServer (5576) StorageServer created RW with storages: 1:RW:c:\zope\zeo/var/Data.fs
2006-10-18T14:51:57 INFO ZEO.zrpc (5576) listening on ('', 9555)
2006-10-18T14:52:44 INFO ZEO.StorageServer (5576) new connection ('', 1289): <ManagedServerConnection ('', 1289)>
2006-10-18T14:52:44 INFO ZEO.zrpc.Connection(S) ( received handshake 'Z303'
2006-10-18T14:52:44 INFO ZEO.zrpc.Connection(S) ( loadEx() raised exception: 0x00
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Zope\Zope-2.8.4-final\lib\python\ZEO\zrpc\", line 421, in handle_request
    ret = meth(*args)
  File "C:\Zope\Zope-2.8.4-final\lib\python\ZEO\", line 248, in loadEx
    return, version)
  File "C:\Zope\Zope-2.8.4-final\lib\python\ZODB\FileStorage\ ", line 523, in loadEx
    pos = self._lookup_pos(oid)
  File "C:\Zope\Zope-2.8.4-final\lib\python\ZODB\FileStorage\", line 514, in _lookup_pos
    raise POSKeyError(oid)
POSKeyError: 0x00

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