Am 23.11.2006, 17:03 Uhr, schrieb Andreas Tille <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

You are right here and I would definitely prefer Python scripts.  The
problem is that I'm using the Formulator Product and despite there are
descriptions how to use it with Python scripts I failed while it was
very straigtforeward to use DTML (in fact, this is the only part of
my application in DTML).  I just stripped down the application to a
very simple example and avoided Formulator magic which is obviousely
not the source of the problem.

It's easy enough to call Formulator from within a script and extract the results from it:

result = context.MY_FORMULATOR_THINGY.validate_all(context.REQUEST)

Make it work with a Script so you can forget all the evil DTML stuff, you won't regret it!

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