Am 17.01.2007, 18:19 Uhr, schrieb Re: [Zope-DB] sql query works in database connector but not in ZSQL methodrobert rottermann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

query = "CALL selectVertexProperties(%s, @error2)" % dbid
- ----- problem>> result = db.query((query).replace(';', sql_delimiter))
                return result

Call db.execute(SQL_string, (*paras)) instead.

mySQL = """CALL selectVertexProperties(?, @error2)"""
db.execute(mySQL, (username, ))

Not sure if you can combine SQL statements with ";" like this (which I don't think you should do anyway) but you should be able to create your SQL statements independent of the parameters.

NB. "?" is the ODBC standard for placeholder. Most Python drivers use "%s" but this can cause confusion, ie. db.execute("SELECT * FROM table WHERE user = %s" ,(username, )) is not the same as
db.execute("SELECT * FROM table WHERE user = '%s'" %(username, ))

In the first case it is the responsibility of the ODBC driver to pass the parameter correctly. In the second case you are generating the entire query and passing it to the ODBC driver. Not only is this less efficient but it is also error prone and dangerous because it is open to SQL injection.

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