Dear All,

My name's Quang, a new member. I have a problem to want everybody to help

I would like to develop a new product running on Plone that can get data
from relational databases (SQL Server and Oracle). I know also to connect to
relational databases to install driver adapter.

Yes, I found some driver adapter as ZODBCDA, pymssql, mxODBC (not free) and
I installed it but it's not working. I don't know why. In event.log file, it
warm "ERROR Zope Could not import Products.ZODBCDA " and the same anothe
different driver. I can't create a new Z SQL database connection because I
can't see it on "Add" drop-down.

I'm using window XP with Zope 2.9.5-final, Plone 2.5, Python 2.4.3.

Please help me to install one driver adapter to connect to relational

Thanks a lot

Best regards,
Minh Quang
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