Dear Robert,

Thanks a lot.

For pymssql, I installed it follow the instruction, however it's not

I can't create a new connection because in "Add" drop-down It's no exist. I
don't know why.

Pymssql use for SQL Server, no MySQL.

By the way, I'm using mxODBC but I don't like because it's not free.
Actually, I would like to use pymssql but It is still a problem with me.

I read this book that you said, however it isn't to help me more.

If you know about it. Please help me.

Best regards,
Minh Quang

On 2/16/07, robert rottermann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

I do not think any one of us can help you unless you tell us what
exactly your problem with installing pymssql ist.
by the way: do you mean MySQLdb?

there is very good  documentation on using Z SQL in the zope book:

there you find examples how to use a query with like.

Nguyen Viet Minh Quang wrote:
> Dear Dieter and All,
> Thank you for your mail.
> I have now a trial version of mxODBC. However I don't really like it
> because it's not free. I would like to use pymssql and another one,
> although I try to install it more times but it's not working. Can you
> help me to install it?
> Moreover,  I'm testing my product with mxODBC. I have a problem about
> query. I want to use keyword 'LIKE' and '%' inside SQL query but I
> don't know how to do it. In the current, I use dtml-sqlvar and
> dtml-sqltest to do it. Do you know about my problem and can help me to
> solve it?
> Further, How can I format the text to get from database, about HTML tag?
> Thank you for your help.
> Best regards,
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