First of all, if I am not in a mistake, your problem comes because of Zope and his Z SQL Methods, and the MySQLDBA Database Adapter (like other Database Adapters) can't fix it

When I have problems like yours, I think the fastest choice is to use an ordinary <dtml-var> tag and give your application the functionality of improving security of it, because that is the main difference between <dtml-sqlvar> and <dtml--var>.

Anyway, I agree with you, Z SQL Methods (or documentation if not) need to be improved.

Hoping to be helpful (and sorry for my poor english)

El 02/06/2007, a las 0:58, e deleflie escribió:


I'm using MySQLDBA, and I've got a Z SQL Method like this:

select * from myTable where someValue=<dtml-sqlvar myValue type=string>

The issue being that 'myValue' is actually a Hex value in a Blob
column. The only types possible for dtml-sqlvar seem to be string and
int (as far as I can tell).

I noticed that when I use 'type=string' the value is always placed in
inverted commas (and so MySQL thinks it is a string and rejects
it).... and when I put 'type=int' the Hex value is rejected by Zope.

Is it possible that MySQLDBA can not handle blobs / Hex values at all?
I'm confused that dtml-sqlvar only sees 2 types of data.

Can anyone help? ...


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