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I have a question (stated in three different ways) about the following
ZSQL method:

1.  Will it *always* return the person_id of the person that it just

You have to answer this question your self. It depends on your database, your isolation level and your database adapter

2.  Will it do this even if another user inserted another person just in
between the two SQL actions in this ZSQL method?

see above.

3.  In other words: Does a ZSQL method initiate a database transaction, so
that no other user can inset another record between the two actions in
this ZSQL method?

This is a completely different question. *If* you database provides transaction support and *if* your DA integrates with the transaction of Zope *then* everything happening within one Zope request will happen within one Zope transaction and therefore within one DB transaction. This isn't
necessarily true to databases like MySQL.


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