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Dear list,
I have a ZPT that lists results from a Z SQL Method. It has one argument:
"dropdown-department". Everything works fine, except I cannot find a way
to include the passed SQL argument as a string in the ZPT document!

To explain it in another way, a user selects a value from a drop-down
list. This value is passed to a Z SQL Method. My ZPT displays these
results, and I need to include the passed value (DTML-sqlvar) in a heading
in the ZPT.

Neither explanation is particularly helpful but it sound like you're trying to do something you shouldn't!

You if you are wishing to call a ZSQL method and pass in a parameter from your template this is done using a Python expression:

tal:content="python: mySQLMethod(SQLvar=ZPTvar)"...

You can pass variables into a PageTemplate using the options dictionary.

You might want to look at my presentation (with sample code) which touches on Zope and RDBMS.


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