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I have a problem with "total-*" variables when suming results from
MySQL 5.x. It does not work with monetary (float) numbers - only with
integers. When trying to sum floats it cointanins nulls. IMHO the
reason is in a driver because it probably do not convert numbers in
national currency format (some countries, e.g. mine, do not use dot as
separator). The problem is that the driver is outdated and old.

Is there a fixaround? How could I for example convert the numbers
explicitely? Or how do I ovverride the behaviour of the code that is
responsible for the sumarizing?

Not sure how your issue relates to Zope. Zope basically only generates the queries using ZSQL methods and returns the results back. Check if this error also happens when you connect directly to MySQL using the standard Pytrhon DB-API.


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