Initially, I needed to access to this oracle database only for read
But even for read only access, it might be a good practice to add this
commit, cause sometime database engins hold some kind of lock on the read
data, depending on how transaction was started.

I imagine that zsql class do implicitely this commit ?

In other part, it would be usefull to "separate" two operations , data
quering and result container building in
the ZcxOracleDA.query method. So, we can "format" any cursor with the same
structure if the (simple) statement was processed directly by .query method.

Willi Langenberger wrote:
> According to m.banaouas:
>> 2-add a python script for external method in Plone\Data\Extensions :
>> #
>> def mymethod(self , somename):
>>   conn    = self.myconnection()
>>   curext  = conn.db.cursor()
>>   curint  = conn.db.cursor()
>>   sql     = "begin MY_PACKAGE.MY_PROC(:p_Cursor, :p_NAME); end;"
>>   curext.execute(sql, (curint, somename))
>>   data    = TransformCursorIntoReadableText(curint)
>>   return data
> If you are writing to a transactional database, you should add
>   conn._register()
> to register that connection for the zope transaction
> machinery. That way the Zope Publisher calls "commit" at the end of a
> successful request (or "abort" on error).
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