Hello -
I was checking your fixes (Dr. Klaus Happle) for the two functions in
(RE: http://mail.zope.org/pipermail/zope-db/2006-November/004812.html )

static PyObject *Cursor_ResultSet(Cursor *self, int count)    and
static PyObject *Cursor_fetch(Cursor *self, PyObject *args)

I noticed that in the **original** dco2.c we have:

1.  In static PyObject *Cursor_ResultSet(Cursor *self, int count):

#ifndef ORACLE8i
                rs->fetchResultCode = OCI_SUCCESS;

2.  In static PyObject *Cursor_fetch(Cursor *self, PyObject *args):

#ifndef ORACLE8i
        if (status == OCI_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO) {
          for (i = 0; i < PyList_Size(self->results); i++) {
            rs = (ResultSet *) PyList_GetItem(self->results, i);

In both cases, you got rid of #ifndef ORACLE8i in your fixes of the two

I am just curious as to why these ifndef's were removed.  Can someone
please clarifiy.

Note:  in dco2.c we have:

#ifdef ORACLE9i
# ifndef ORACLE8i
#  define ORACLE8i
# endif

so with the #ifndef ORACLE8i, I imagine with the original code did not
compile the statements above with Oracle 8 or Oracle 9 detected.  I am
curious how removing the #ifndef ORACLE8i condition in the fixes to the
two functions would affect things at large.

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