when I create Z Mysql connection and open it, my Zope restarts by itself and
Z Mysql connection object dissapears. Mysql dataset is at localhost and I
use the database connection string like:
"dataset_name user passw". I use ZMySQLDA 2.0.8.
For me seems that it is something with mysqlda connector.
As Charlie already said your python process possibly dies suddenly.
You should see some error mesages, like segmentation fault in system log (eg. /var/log/messages) but without shell and root access you have to ask your system admin about this.

We had similiar problem with DCOracle2 and 64 bit system.
Old C libraries are not working correctly with new architecture, also
some bugs in C code (eg. improper date time cast in DCOracle2)
caused such problems for us.

One thing to check would be to connect to mysql directly from python
(using mysql connector) but without shell access... you can't do that :/

Maciej Wisniowski
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