Am 11.03.2008, 16:13 Uhr, schrieb Cu Vinh Loc <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

  Dear friends,
 I am using plone for deploying the website, but I have some problems
such as:
- Using relational (internal) database "Gadfly database": I do not know
where the database is stored in the Zope. Can I manipulate directly
this database "visual"?
   - Users and groups: How to assign this permissions to my website.
 Could you show me how to implement that easily.

Dear Cu Vin Loc,

you have simply reposted your e-mail to the Archetypes list this morning apparently without looking at the documentation I suggested.

While you are reading up on the basics of using Zope and relational databases it might be an idea to let us know exactly what you want to do. As a kick-start on using Zope you might also wish to look at my presentation at EuroPython last year. It covers the very basics of using ZSQL in Zope and there is a download with code for your to play with.

Good luck!

Charlie Clark

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