It would accelerate my Zope debugging cycle to have a new event.log file
automatically started every time I restart Zope, with the old file


It seems like a simple way to do this would be to modify the zope.conf
<eventlog> entry, which currently reads like this.



      level info


            path $INSTANCE/log/event.log

            level info




.so that the "path" line puts a "now" timestamp into the file name,
something like this.


            path $INSTANCE/log/event<'NOW' TIMESTAMP>.log


.so that the file name includes the Zope restart timestamp, something like




My question is: what would be the syntax for the zope.conf element I have
shown above as <'NOW' TIMESTAMP>?



~ Ken


PS - I'm aware that there are various ways to "rotate" log files at time
intervals or when they reach a certain size.  That's not what I need.


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