Dan Fairs <d...@fezconsulting.com> wrote on 08/17/2009 02:31:51 PM:

> Re: [Zope-DB] ZcxOracleDA configuration assistance

> > > > At this point, we're fairly mystified. The file that ZcxOracleDA's
> > > > install ultimately complains about is indeed in $ORACLE_HOME,  
> > where I
> > > > would expect it to be looking. We're still able to manually start
> > > > Plone's Python and import cx_Oracle just fine. Does anyone have  
> > any
> > > > suggestions?
> > >
> > > Given that it works when you run Python manually but not when you  
> > start
> > > the cluster the problem is likely to be that your Zope user  
> > doesn't have
> > > the right permissions to access the library.
> >
> > Thanks for the response. Plone's documentation says that for the  
> > type of install we did, Zope should run as the user "plone" (I  
> > verified this with ps). Unfortunately, even if I chown everything in  
> > $ORACLE_HOME to user plone and restart the cluster again, the error  
> > remains the same.
> >
> Are the $ORACLE_HOME and $LD_LIBRARY_PATH variables exported for the  
> user that Zope is running as? You didn't say whether your test script  
> was run as that user or some other user (and hence for whom those  
> variables were exported).

Ok, I think that was the prod I needed. I have the variables exported from the profiles of both root and plone (under which Zope should be running), but I apparently haven't set it in the right spot yet. If I log in as plone, a manual import of cx_Oracle works fine. However, if as root I "sudo -u plone /.../python" and try to import, I get the same error returned by ZcxOracleDA. Haven't figured out how to get around it yet, but it looks like this takes it out of the realm of Zope and into basic system administration.

David Murphy
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