I am reading the zope 2 book (relational database section) and it talks
about binding classes by putting them in the Extensions directory and then
associating them with a Z SQL Method. That seems to be rather straight
forward, but where can I find some examples of accessing the values returned
from the Z SQL Method in Python. For example,

Z SQL Method
select * from offense where gameID=<some input value from a form>

This returns ~10 rows. Each row has columns playerID, PB, BB, SacBunt, HBP
as well as other columns, all containing integer values.

class GameStats
"""Reads the database for the stats for every player in a game and
calculates the stats"""

    def AtBat(self, player_id):
        """Calculate the AB for a player. AB = PA - (BB + SacBunt + HBP -
        How do I get the columns PA, BB, etc for a particular playerID to
calculate the BA from the result returned by the Z SQL method? Is there some
documentation for how to access the results of the query within this class?


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