I am a beginner in zope with no prior experience. I am supposed to setup a
development environment with zope, postgres, python, openflow, egenix &

I have installed all of them on Red Hat Linux. All of them are installed

I have properly installed Psycopg in the zope path i.e.
(lib/python/Products) & that too with proper permissions.

Now after installing psycopg, when I restart zope, I am not able to see the
option ‘Add ZPsycopg Database Connection’ in the Zope Management Screen.

And because of that I am not able to setup a database for the project.

I request you to please help me for this. Any advice from you will really
help me in a great way.

Kindly suggest me something.

Thanks a lot!!

Thanks & Regards,

Smita Kamdar
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