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I have exported the acl_users file in zexp format. But the file is
unreadable. How can i make that file readable? i.e. In which format
should i open the zexp file?

I'm sorry but it's obvious that you are new top Zope. You should probably take 
the time to read the basic documentation:


Documentation of the ZODB:


Malthe suggested that your "export as XML" and not as ZEXP. ZEXP is a binary 
format native to Zope. You can read it with Python but then you can read the ZODB 
directly with Python as well.

Just because your application also keeps application data in Postgres does not 
mean that all data such as your users is kept in Postgres. One would hope that 
your application is sufficiently well documented to explain which data is not 
stored in the ZODB as, except in rare cases such as RelStorage, the majority of 
data of a Zope server will be stored in the ZODB.

Finally, I must point out that Zope 2.6 is a very old and no longer supported 

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