At 10:01 PM 5/17/00 +0100, Steve Alexander wrote:
>The _defaultClass only needs to become DemoPortal.LoginMember before a
>Portal's LoginManager instance is created.
>Therefore, you can leave the _defaultClass as LoginUser until the
>"install" method of DemoPortalBase is called (PTKDemo/
>In the "install" method, after creating a MembersClass(), set its
>_defaultClass to LoginMember.

It would be better to call manage_setStorage(zclass='meta type') rather
than tinkering with attributes directly, as manage_setStorage should always
be forward-compatible.

>..or have I misunderstood something important? :-)

I don't think so.  Now if only your message had arrived a bit sooner, I
wouldn't have had to write that patch just now...  :)  On the other hand,
it's a useful patch and as a side effect I also now know how to get
ComputedAttributes to operate with acquisition (relatively) cheaply.  Ah
well.  :)

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