Chris Withers wrote:
> 2. I've seen various mentions of that fact that objects being catalogued
> can be intelligent about what gets catalogued, for example: stripping
> out HTML, but where can I find out how to produce an object that does
> this?
> This could make a hacky-workaround for question 1: If, when an object
> was catalogued, it actually indexed title and body together in an index
> named 'text', it would solve the OR problem, but how do I do this so
> that it works in all the cases?

In PTK, PortalContent-derived classes have the method 

  def SearchableText(self):
      "text for indexing"

This returns a string concatenation of any text that should be indexed
in the catalog for a search of PortalContent in the portal.

The Portal's catalog is set up to index on the SearchableText attribute,
as well as other Dublin Core attributes.

I guess, in general, you need to define standards for getting
appropriate text for indexing from you content objects, then apply these
standards to your site.

The query/predicates stuff in ZPatterns looks like it will be much
better than this... when it lands :-)

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