I am spoiled.  I have a large server and until now I have never really
monitored memory usage.  But I noticed things slowing down a great deal
and was curious.  Swapping.


RH 6.1
Dual Xenon
1 gig memory

Zope install:

Zope 2.1 Binary
ZODB pure.
No DA's
Home grown ZClasses.

'ps' tells me Zope is the culprit. It's using 64% when things get
swappy.  There are no prosesses running on this machine BTW.  It's just
a Zope server.  

My Data.fs file is ~300 packed and gets to be about 1GB at the end of
every day.  (A lot of transactions :)

Zope is eating memory at the rate of 10MB every 2 minutes. Is that

I never noticed a slowdown until I switched to 2.1, really.

I've considered writing a small python progam to compare the output of
'free' to the Zope log, but I'd love to see if there is another way to
nail what's eating mem.  If someone can tell me the best way to narrow
it down from experience, I'll do it this afternoon.


Jason Spisak

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