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Subject: Re: [Zope-Dev] Zope 2.1.6 Memory issue

> Here's something to think about: whenever an object is added to or
> removed from a folder, all objects in all neighboring folders and below
> are traversed.  The manage_beforeDelete and manage_afterAdd hooks are
> called on each object.

Jason, I don't know if you've taken much of a look at ZPatterns yet...
Depending on how your code is set up, it may actually not be that difficult
for you to move some of those big Folders into Racks in Specialists. Phillip
mentioned the other day that this could help, and I think I spotted a BTree
in the Rack code yesterday, which would explain how Racks help. I'm not sure
where the rumored BTreeFolder code stands, which would be a more immediate
drop in fix.

It didn't look to me like Specialists were too difficult to work with,


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