On Mon, 22 May 2000, Jason Spisak wrote:
> > > Also, is see reference to 161 Products.GadflyDA.gadfly.kjparser.ParseRule,
> > > and I'm not even useing Gadfly!
> > Chances are some other product is "reaching in" to Gadfly.  Do you have
> > the Zope tutorial installed?  It uses Gadfly.
> No.  This is a Data.fs that came from Zope 1.  I didn't even think to get
> Gadfly out of the Products directory.

I've seen these gadfly references ever since I started looking at
the manage_debug screen.  My Data.fs also has no extra products installed.
If something is reaching into Gadfly, it is something that ships with Zope.

By the way, my site is structured into a series of folders, so that
no folder has more than about 50 objects in it, with the exception
(of course <grin>) of the most heavily modified folder, which has
about 120 objects.  But I'm still seeing this growing-memory-usage

However, the memory usage does grow pretty much just when a large
number of objects get updated, usually in many different folders.
So if there is a Python garbage collection issue, I think that
would probably explain my case, at least.

It seems incredible that Python garbage collection would be broken,
but I suppose Zope *is* one of the most intensive programs
running in python, so if anyone is going to see it it is going
to be our community.


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