Hi Michael,

        I need to put some verbage in the README about setting
up the workspace on the filesystem to work with ZCVSMixin. No
time like the present! ;-)

Before you begin, you need to set up a cvs repository 
somewhere. This is described pretty well in the cvs
reference: http://www.loria.fr/cgi-bin/molli/wilma.cgi/doc.847210383.html
After that is done.... and you set your CVSROOT environment
variable to match that repository, you can setup your
module for zope objects...

Basically you must first become the same user that runs
as the zope process. If this is a totally new project you
will need to create a module in cvs. I usually do this
with 'cvs import'..  like this:

mkdir foo
cd foo

cvs import -m "start new project" zopeObjs/foo steve start

No conflicts created by this import


Now, go to the place on your filesystem where you want
to keep your 'live' zope objects. This might be called
your active workspace.

I might do it like this:

mkdir workspace
cd workspace
cvs co zopeObjs/foo
cvs checkout: Updating zopeObjs/foo

cd zopeObjs/foo

this is the path you would enter in the ZCVS Folder as the
'fsdir' parameter.

Now you can manage the contents of this folder in Zope,
or on the command line. The Zope stuff doesn't handle
subdirectories at the moment.. we can add that as soon
as we have a sane way of making that work! ;-)

Good Luck!

>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Bernstein <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    Michael> Steve Spicklemire wrote:

    >> I've not heard any comments about the usefulness of this
    >> concept...  am I barking up the wrong tree to get version
    >> control of zope objects?  Does someone know of a better way?

    Michael> Steve, this has been my fondest hope for about three
    Michael> months now. Now, if I could also get it to do
    Michael> through-the-web XML (DocBook) editing and rendering, I'd
    Michael> have a complete end-to-end document management
    Michael> system. Particularly if it preserved accountability, like
    Michael> Jonothan was mentioning.

    Michael> I'll be testing this tommorow, and doing my best to get
    Michael> this to do unnatural things with XMLWidgets and
    Michael> DocBookDocument.

    Michael> Many thanks,

    Michael> Michael Bernstein.

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