Just to be sure: did you restart zope after you changed/added the products?
If no: do it!
If yes: take a look at the Boring Product HOWTO (
http://www.zope.org/Members/gtk/Boring/HowTo-Boring/ ), maybe it enlights

If you have your Zope installed locally and running Windows try the
Install Python 1.5 and then add

import sys

in your product's python-modules. To start the debugger insert

import pywin.debugger; pywin.debugger.set_trace()

at the point, where the debugger should start.

Good luck!


> I've already posted this problem to the Zope list, which is the correct
> place to post I believe, but to no avail.  So I'm trying here - apologies,
> but just as I'm getting really excited about Zope I hit a brick wall
> (...familiar lament?) and I'm at a complete loss.
> So apologies for my newbieness; here's my problem:
> my zope won't load products into its products folder.  I had some success
> initially.  Then I found some bugs in my initialize code that were
> the product.  From then on, whenever I changed the initialize code, the
> changes were only getting reflected sporadically in the traceback.
> I found I could even delete my product from the Products folder and it
> stay in Zope.  Now even when I create a really simple product, it doesn't
> appear.
> I presume I am doing something stupid.  Especially considering I can
> 3rd party products without a problem.  My assumption was that to create a
> product:
> I create a Test folder in the Products directory, with an __init__.py
> contains an import Test and an initialize(context) function.  Then I do a
> context.registerClass(stuff).  Then I do the logic stuff in Test.py.
> Even if I don't put any logic in Test.py, *something* should appear in the
> products list, right?  How can I start debugging this problem?
> Thanks so much for any help...
> Seb.

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