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On Fri, 26 May 2000, Bo Berkhaut wrote:
> As you maybe know, there are at least _three_ standard encodings
> for russian cyrillic: koi8-r, which is used in most unices,
> Windows codepage 1251 and iso8859-5, which is used in some commercial systems
> (like HPUX). The common workaround for this problem is server-side
> detection of client OS type. For given OS, web-server decides which encoding
> is necessary and recodes the document on-fly. Such functionality is implemented
> as an Apache module which is widely used across russian net.
> My question is (are you already guessed? good!):
> (1) is there anybody implemented such thing for Zope?

   No, though Zope Internationalization Mailing List discussed this.

> (2) if not, what is the right place to implement such functionality?
> I mean, what component of Zope should cope whith such things?
> Zope architecture is not my best, so maybe some of Zope guys can point me?

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