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> Shane and others:
> Currently I have to restart the *server* that Zope runs on everyday in
> order to get the memory tat Zope claims in cache back.  Even when I stop
> the Zope process, the cache doesn't clear.  Is there a command in Linux to
> force that cache to clear?  Also, after a clean reboot, I tried to pack,
> and there is nothing left of my 1 gig of memory, and it swapped a bit. :(
> Is there anyway to nail down what is causing the bleeding?  I have reduced
> the number of object stored in cache and even flushed the cache in Zope,
> but it never reclaims all the memory.  What can I do to keep investigating?
> Tools?  Stats that will help?
> Hoping to nail this,

I'm extremely curious that the cache doesn't clear when you restart Zope.
One would normally not expect to see this.  Can you do a "ps xauww" and mail
it to me / the list?  Also a "free" would be helpful too.  Under linux,
shared memory is amongst the last to be scavenged in low memory conditions.
I'm curious to see if something is allocating that memory as shared or what.

You might also try an "ipcs -a" command to make sure it's not SYSV type
shared memory (which can stick around even after a process exits.)
Matthew T. Kromer

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