Shane Hathaway wrote:
> Stuart 'Zen' Bishop wrote:
> > /me hops on the 'real garbage collection for Python' bandwagon
> Have you looked at this?
Yes, I actually built, installed and enabled it.  It doesn't seem
to have a major impact on my problems at least...neither does Zen's
latest set of fixes.  I enabled Neil Schemenauer's fixes, rebuilt 
python, and then tried tracking through chunks of the CPickleCache
code.  There did not seem to be any hanging python references.  I 
believe the problem to be circular zope references on a higher level.

I could be wrong though.  The gc code for cPickleCache.c is not trivial,
and I believe there is something wrong there, but have not proved it
yet.  This is the code that determines when things are removed from the
zope cache.

The wierd thing is that in my case, I am not really writing anything
to the Zope db.  Everything is stored externally in a postgres database.
I am using GUF, and SQLSession though.  

Could it be that connection objects are not being cleaned up properly?
As far as I understand it, connection objects are containers for zope
for the duration of that request.

At least in the case of postgres 6.5.3 there was some connection memory
leaks, so I did try postgres 7.0, it solved some of postgres's problem
but not zope's.

sorry for rambling, just trying to get all of the tidbits that I know
out there, maybe someone will see something.


> I'd like to know how successful this project is.  I wonder whether it
> would have an issue with ExtensionClass instances (one of the
> foundations of Zope).
> Shane
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