Adam Karpierz wrote:
> It's very, very...  great news that Ross Lazarus's multikey
> sort patch for dtml-in tag is included in current Zope CVS
> and will be included in Zope 2.2.
> <dtml in "foo" sort=akey,anotherkey>
> But for me one important thing is very missed.
> Possibillity of use expression syntax for sort= attribute.
> Maybe syntax:
> <dtml in "foo" sort="expression_which_returns_sort_keys_string">
> would be possible ?
> eg.
> <dtml in "foo" sort="fun()">
> where fun() will returns appropriate Python string
> eq. 'firstname,surname,height, width,weight'  :)

It wouldn't be very difficult to do, but I wonder whether you (Adam) may
have developed such a patch already?  It would sure speed along the


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