Bill Anderson:

> Jason Spisak wrote:
> [...]
> > That's funny that I am experienceing the same symptoms as you, but my
> > installation is totally different. I'm not using GUF, or any DA's, and I'm
> > running on RH 6.1.  We really need to figure this out as a community.  I am
> > willing to try just about anything short of shipping my machine somewhere
> > off premisis. ;)
> Ok, let's dig up some more info ( or perhaps I missed it ).
> Server setup, as in pcgi/Zserver/Apache w/proxypass, etc?

Nothing but straight ZServer/Medusa.

> Compiled on the machine, or binary distribution?

 Zope 2.1.1 binary distro. Not sure how it got to be 2.1.4/2.1.6, might
have been the other person having problems, or my mistake.  But the changes
in 2.1.4 and 2.1.6 aren't anything in the Object publisher or Medusa so I
don't think it makes a difference.

> If source, did you start with a clean tree, or did use use the diff
> upgrade, or did you use a new 2.1.6 tarball, and drop it on top of the
> 2.1.4 install?
> Bill

RH 6.1
2.2.12smp kernel
Hardware RAID
dual 350mhz Xenon 
1 gig ram

Vanilla Zope with no DA's, no Apache.

BTW, Matthew gave me some advice last Friday to use the setcheckinterval
line in and the performance gains are quite impressive.  Anyone who
is running smp should try it.

All my best,

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