> I think, cataloging "LocalFS" content would be nice.
> I have the following problems with it:
>  1. "LocalFS" defines various meta types:
>     "Local File System", "Local Directory" and "Local File".
>     Only "Local File System" is a "true" meta type which
>     should appear in the available objects list of ObjectManager's.
>     However, I may well be useful, to select the others, too,
>     in for "find" and cataloging.

This could be done, but my concern is that when changes are made to the file
system this will cause the catalog to be out of synch until you re-index. How
does this work with Zope objects? If you move or delete a Zope object that is
cataloged does it automatically update the catalog?

>  2. ZCatalog uses "bobo_modification_time" in its meta table
>     and for indexing. For "LocalFS" content, this is not
>     the best modification time to use for indexing.
>     It would be nice, if "bobo_modification_time" could somehow
>     be synchronized with the object's modification time in the
>     file system.

With the most recent version of LocalFS, the bobobase_modification_time should
be the same as the object's mtime in the file system. Please let me know the
details if you're seeing anything different.


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