See release notes for changes (installation process simplified w/
release of 4DOM/4XSLT/4XPATH):

Chimezie Thomas-Ogbuji
Fourthought Inc.
(303) 583 9900 ext 104
XMLDocument beta is a collection of Zope products and python tools that
integrate XML into Zope, above and beyond the current XMLDocument product.
Like ZDOM, it is the result of a collaborative venture by Digital Creations and
Fourthought Inc.


This is a Zope product that wraps XML content for use in Zope.  In many
ways it behaves similarly to the original XMLDocument, except it only
creates a single Zope object upon import or creation.


This python module allows users to externally import XML content into
the Zope database in a 'controlled' manner.  The user has full range
of control over import parameters.

XSLT Method

This is a Zope product that wraps an XSLT stylesheet for use in Zope.
Like a DTML method, it can be invoked on a ClobXmlDocument instance
and return the resulting XSLT transformation.

Fourthought provides custom technological solutions based on open
technologies.  4Suite is a powerful set of Python tools developed by
Fourthought for Web-based applications in areas such as Intranets,
E-Commerce and knowledge-management.  Elements of 4Suite have been adopted
as core XML technologies in Zope and in the Python XML distribution


DOM 2 Spec:

Installing XMLDocument beta

  This document describes installing XMLDocument beta on Unix.

Important Notes

  XMLDocument requires 4DOM which is covered by the ZDOM
  installation. Simply installing ZDOM should resolve this dependency

  XMLDocument also requires 4XPath and 4XSLT

  You can download the rpms from here:


  Download these files from our FTP server (


  Installing XMLDocument and XSLTMethod:

    decompress XMLDocument-beta.tgz to your Zope directory

  Installing Demonstration:

    Import the  testfolder.zexp file in $Zopeinstalldir$/Extensions.
    Point your browser to where you imported testfolder in the zope heirarchy
    and follow the directions.

        NOTE:  The demonstration cyclicaly creates and destroys a ZDOM
        heirarchy in testfolder/, so if you stop it at mid point it may break
        if you try to restart it (if it's broken run the reset DTML Method:
        which simply removes folder1, folder2, and ZDOMtester)

  Installing XMLImporter:

    decompress XMLImporter-beta.tgz to an arbitrary directory.

    make sure (Zope install directory)/lib/python is in your PYTHONPATH

    * read the python files in test_suite for examples on how to use XMLImporter

  Assuming you've satisfied the dependencies, you should be done!

  questions? email: [EMAIL PROTECTED]


1) Solved __call__ problem, XSLTMethods can be invoked programatically
2) Added a default view for XMLDocuments that can return the XML as:
  syntax highlighted HTML
  raw XML
  plain text
  this can be specified by the output property
3) fixed the copy paste bug
4) added demonstration/example to package

Moved ClobXMLDocument and XSLTMethod to seperate products
changed ClobXMLDocument to XMLDocument

XMLDocument beta supports the import and manipulation of XML files in
Zope through the use of XSLT.
See (XPath:, and XSLT:

XMLImporter is currently used as a python based tool to input XML files
as Zope Objects.  The mapping functionality and XSLT transform are used to
manipulate the incomming XML stream into a set of Zope Objects.  The
transform is applied to the incoming XML to allow manipulation and
compression of the incomming XML.
under the heading optimization.  The final set of objects created by XMLImporter
is defined by the mapping dictionary where keys are the tagNames to be
created, and the values are references to python classes.  A current limitation
of the system is that Zope must not be running during an import.

Clob XML Document is a Zope Object that represents a complete XML
document.  Interfaces are provided to edit the content of the document, and modify
how the document is displayed when viewed.  XSLTMethod is a Zope Object that applies 
an XSLT transform to an
object.  An XSLTMethod can be accessed as any other method of an object.  With the
ZDOM pakage installed, the XSLTMethod can be applied to any Object in the
Zope application.  Special processing is currently restricted to Clob XML
Documents.  When an XSLTMethod is applied to a Clob XML Document the
contents of the document are used as a source, not the object itself.

Please see INSTALL.txt for Installation and package dependencies

1.  Allow XMLImporter to be called through the HTML interface
2.  Allow Exporting of Zope Objects to XML (expand current export
3.  Allow XSLT special processing on other objects (through _getDom
4.  Allow external parameters into XSLTMethod

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