Stephan Richter writes:

> At 12:02 AM 5/31/00 +0000, Jason Spisak wrote:
> > >Furthermore, we will include a new DTML reference soon. Do
> > > you know about anything else, that should be included?
> >
> >Well if you really want to make it hot, the examples that are in there can
> >keep coming.  Web links might not be out of order either.  The only problem
> >is that there is no difinitive Zope online docs to link to, to get the most
> >recent info.  But when there is, it would be nice to include.
> The next task after the 2.2 release is that we will look through the 
> tutorial and see what it does not cover and then add the missing examples 
> in tutorial form. :)
> Off-site links are okay, but what happens, if I sit in the plane and I need 
> that piece. Amos leans also towards external links I think, but I would 
> rather keep it in the distribution; it is only a couple thousand bytes more 
> and will not increase the distro size too much.
> A fact is, that most of the Zope Online Help should be the most up-to-date, 
> meaning that we try to encourage developers to update and patch the help 
> system as they update the code.

Personally, I see that same thing might happen that happened to Zope. 
They'll want to get the product out badly, and since the help system is
separate, they'll put it off.  

> Our goal is basically to initialize a good, 
> well organized Zope help system, which content is maintained by the 
> developers, read community.

I think this is terrific shot at offering everyone a chance to "get it".

> BTW, if you find any mistakes or want to make additions to the help texts, 
> please send them to me. I hope I will be able to upload a complete revision 
> of *all* the help screens by the end of the week. I have only 80 documents 
> to go. :)

Excellent. I am reading it.  I founfa few "not found"'s but that stuff
probably just not loaded yet.

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