Hi all,
I would like to use ZODB3 as an object DB to store my objects. I know
How-To by Michael Pelletier on this topic. So that is to store objects
in ZODB out of Zope. I prefer to store objects which are subclassed of
Zope objects (especially Folder and ZClass - not multiple) because in
future I would like to import this my ZODB into a Zope ZODB as its part
into a folder. Could anybody help me where to find any information,
documentation ... 
My task is to use ZODB as object database to storage
objects. Containers, subclassed from Zope Folder which will store other
objects sublassed from ZClass object or other Container. And that all
with possibility to import this ODB into a ZServer ZODB and to see my
objects over URL.

Thanks, Petr  
Petr Knápek
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