>   The find (and thereby cataloging) machinery allows to specify
>   restrictions by meta type for objects to be find.
>   The used selection list is derived from "all_meta_types",
>   the same list used to add new objects to folders.
>   In fact it is the list of products (internal or external).
>   Because of this, "Local File System" can be specified
>   in a find meta type restriction but
>   not "Local Directory" or "Local File", which are not products
>   and are not in "all_meta_types".
>   Thus, either "all meta types" must be selected or
>   "Local Directory/File" can not be found/cataloged.
>   I see two possible solutions:
>     1. avoid new meta types for objects that can not be inserted into
>        a folder. Let them instead use a similar existing meta
>        type (e.g. "Folder" for "Local Directory").
>     2. provide (in Zope) an additional meta type registration
>        procedure that is used by the find machinery.

A Local Directory is not a Folder, so that isn't a valid solution. It should be
possible to register Local Directory with all_meta_types in the product
initialization but that might have undesirable implications. For one, I wouldn't
want it to show up in the 'Add Objects' list. Option 2 might work. Let's see
what the zope-dev list has to say about it.

>  > With the most recent version of LocalFS, the bobobase_modification_time
>  > be the same as the object's mtime in the file system. Please let me know
>  > details if you're seeing anything different.
> Thank you!
> I think, I will check it on Friday.

Actually I just tested it myself and found it's not working as expected but
haven't had time to figure out why.


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