Hi all, I'm newbie both in python and in zope (in English too!), and 
here is a problem I realy can't sort out.

I would to display the tree structure of a repository disk.
Therefore I wrote a recursive class MyFolder, with the following 
attributes (code is at the bottom of the message):
class MyFolder:
   fname : name of the base folder
   subfolders : a list of MyFolder objects, made after the subfolders 
of my folder
   MyFiles : a list of the files of my folder (actually a list of 
object whose only attribute is the name of the file)

I call this class with the following external method:

def ZMyWalk(self,dir): #=None):

    """ returns ..."""
    # MyRepTest is the default value
    #if not dir : dir=MyRepTest
    return MyFolder(dir)

And I try to publish it with the following DTML-method:

<dtml-with "ZMyWalk('\\\\saigon\\d\\divers\\wlk')">
<dtml-tree branches_expr=subfolders>
  <dtml-var FolderName>
  <dtml-in MyFiles>
     <dtml-var name><br>

It displays the first level fine. But when I try to expand the tree
clicking on the small + sign, it acts randomly (doesn't do anything, 
or expand another branch, sometimes it even does the right thing, ..).

Any guess? I'm totally lost :-( . I'm not sure I does this the right 
way. The SomeFile class I 've made seem rather artificial.
I run Zope 2.1.6 with Python 1.5.2 under NT4.0 and I got the 
TreeTag.py pach.

PS : here are the classes I use.

class MyFolder:

    """fait une recursion dans un repertoire"""

    def __init__(self,dir):
        for f in os.listdir(dir):
            pathname='%s\\%s' % (dir, f)
            if os.path.isdir(pathname):
            elif os.path.isfile(pathname):

class SomeFile:

    """ ... """
    def __init__(self,name):

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