Hi, Josh

    Thanks for the insight! I also just noticed that there is a whole lot of
good information already up there in the Wiki. This does look like great
stuff. I see how it complements Zope's current data storage capabilities. It
provides good ways to move XML data in and out of the ZODB via XSLT and to
store and manipulate XML data efficiently using XML Documents. These are
excellent capabilities indeed.

    Have a great weekend!


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> Hi Kevin,
>   What FourThought/DC are currently doing with Zope will allow for fast
> transformations to memory-resident structured data( ZDOM or whatever ) to
> exportable XML documents( which are simply strings of characters ).  This
> introduces( to the Zope world ) cutting edge metaphors in web-application
> design.  All data to be served to a client is some form of XML: including
> HTML ( a better term: structured data ).  The internal structure, or
> representation( or "deep structure" if you are into Chomsky ),  is the
> data/knowledge as the web site managers see it- and most likely the most
> accurate and flexible when dealing with the particular
> this is what theyre paid for :) ).  Each user has custom needs- and wants to 
> see this information the way they( or the applications working on thier 
> behalf ) are accustomed to.  So, architectually speaking, we need a way to 
> easily and quickly construct XML documents from some meta-type( our internal 
> structure ).  This is what ZDOM is accomplishing for us.
>   Parsing is a expensive endeavor.  It is not practical to parse character 
> streams every time we want to get at our data.  So the solution is to 
> represent the data as something more computationally digestible.  Again : 
> this is 
what ZDOM is accomplishing for us.
>   Does this answer your question?
>   have a good weekend,
>   Josh Zeidner
>     -"zippa-dee-doo-da" , uncle remus
> >Hello,
> >
> >     Thanks for getting this document going. It's good to see where XML
> >going in Zope.
> >
> >     I do have a question, though. For me, the main value in XML has been
> >in
> >its usefulness as a flexible interchange format. Right now, I can store
> >data
> >as objects (either straight Python or ZClasses) in Zope and transform
> >into XML if I need to share it with the outside world (eg RSS).
> >though I haven't done this, I believe I can take XML from the outside
> >world,
> >parse it and store it in objects in the database. Are there advantages to
> >storing the data in Zope as XML vs. storing my data as objects?
> >
> >Thanks,
> >Kevin
> >
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> >Subject: [Zope-dev] The future of Zope with XML
> >
> >
> >http://www.zope.org/Wikis/zope-xml/Unified%20Vision

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