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> Silver_Surfer: how do you see the future of Zope fighting against PHP space on the 
> Jim: I don't know much (enough) about PHP, but from what I vaguely know, PHP methods 
>seem like a logical step.

Hmm... I'm having to setup a PHP web environment for the students next 
semester, and have elected to run it as a CGI application (tie into
existing suid security arcitecture). I'm told there won't be any functionality
loss except, just a bit of performance (?).

If we didn't care about persistance of the PHP engine, it would
be a trivial task to create a PHP method object - just a small
python stub using the CGI libraries to call PHP.

Or even more trivial - I could hack my existing Logger product to
create a <dtml-php> tag, so you would be able to preprocess your
PHP code with DTML tags or embed PHP output in DTML for standard_html_header
etc. (Is that my foot bleeding?). The standard response to a <dtml-python> 
tag is that it would make it too PHP like, so <dtml-php> seems very 
appropriate :-)

And then the next step is to import IMP and other PHP apps into Zope

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