At 05:07 PM 6/5/00 +0800, Mike wrote:
>Hello people,
>could anybode give an example (in code) on subject?

This isn't exactly code, but...

Set up a LoginManager with a GenericUserSource, and set up the GUS to have
users.  Make sure that the GUS has a "Persistent Sheet Provider" on the
"Sheet Providers" tab.  Then go to:


You should get a screen that says "OK".

Then go to:


And you should see a propertysheet editor for your new sheet.
(Unfortunately, it  won't let you edit anything unless your user class is
based on PropertyManager, due to an oversight in ZPatterns 0.3.0; the
VirtualSheets class needs "def propertyLabel(self,id): return id" to work
with the default Zope UI for a non-ZClass property sheet.)

Or go to:


And you should see your new propertysheet listed on the sheets management
interface (which is somewhat broken, but that's because the basic one in
Zope is, it's not ZPatterns' fault. ;) )

Anyway, this is all very primitive but should get better in later versions.
 0.4.0 fixes the 0.3.0 and either it or 0.5.0 will replace the broken
propertysheets/manage screen with one that will let you add/edit/delete
sheets properly.

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