Eventually, I found that NullResource is the top level class that
this first (Objectmanager doesn't inherit off of it -- it inherits off
of Resource, which would explain why I couldn't override the PUT
It has a block of logic similar to ObjectManager.PUTer that checks the
mime-types and instanciates DTMLDocuments, Files, Images appropriately.
The docstring for NullResource says:

Null resources are used to handle HTTP method calls on
    objects which do not yet exist in the url namespace

so I'm assuming my overidden PUT method will never be called by the
FTP server if I try to put a nonexisting file on the server.  However, I
to change the content of an existing file (an XMLDocument instance)
angle-ftp and xemacs and my overidden PUT was 'still' never invoked
and a DTMLDocument with the new content was put in it's place.

Go figure

Chimezie Thomas-Ogbuji wrote:
> I tried hacking the ObjectManager.py code (specifically the PUTer helper
> class),
> however it seemed to have no effect when I upload a .xml file (it
> creates
> a DTMLDocument).  I even tried removing the logic that creates
> a DTMLDocument, but regardless, it still creates a DTMLDocument when I
> upload a .xml file.  I tried deleting the .pyc problem in case it was
> caching the module, but to no avail.  I even added a print statement
> to the PUT method (which usually gives a display on stdout) but nothing
> happened when I tried to put a new .xml file anywhere in the Zope
> heirarchy.
>  Do you have any idea?  How is the content type determined anyways?  Is
> this determined
> by the medusa server core, or is this set by the client (I don't think
> it's the latter
> because most ftp clients only allow you to set the file type as ascii or
> binary only).
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