Kevin Dangoor wrote:

>     I'm trying to check if the container from which the user selected a
> product from the add menu has an "acl_users" folder. When the user selects
> the option from the add menu, they get a form. When they submit the form,
> the method (a PythonMethod) does this:
> folder=self.Destination()
> if hasattr(folder, 'acl_users'):
> something...
> else:
>   ...complain...
> Even though I know the folder has an acl_users (and having this function
> return folder.objectIds() proves it), the above code will always complain.
> Is there a problem with using hasattr in this context?

Well, first of all, because of acquisition, if there's a acl_users at the
top level this will always return true.  Next, PythonMethods have trouble
with hasattr AFAIK - so instead do:

if 'acl_users' in folder.objectIds(): something...

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